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  Medisoft V20


Medisoft V20 is now HIPAA 5010, CMS-1500 02/12 and ICD10 ready. Roy All Solutions, Inc. is your local Medisoft GOLD VAR dealer since 1999.  We train, sell, repair damaged data and install Medisoft for your practice. Medisoft is the number one selling patient accounting software for small and medium practices. Medisoft is now loaded with many new features that will enhance your practice workflow. Making your practice efficient & profitable.

Video demo of features

By contacting Roy All Solutions filing claims couldn't be easier or more cost effective. Check with us on TriZetto Provider Solutions electronic claims. You're guided through the entire set up process. Your personal contact will assist you with claim rejections for a fast turnaround on your cash flow.

Web Link is MDOL’s electronic claims submission solution for providers who utilize a practice management system (PMS).
With no hardware or software requirements, MDOL’s easy-to-use, Web-based solutions help providers streamline operations and focus on their patients, rather than the business of healthcare.


Works with Medisoft Patient Accounting.

Write legible prescriptions and approve refills securely, and electronically to ALL pharmacies, in seconds At the point of care, check drug-to-drug interactions.

     drug-to-allergy interactions

     patient eligibility


     patient medication history

Utilize your existing PC, PDA or any Internet-connected device. Save time for your staff and you. Offers ease of use and convenience to you, your staff, and your patients. Ensures that accurate prescriptions are received by the pharmacist


 Auto posting of your electronic ERA.  Imports into Medisoft V8 and above without the errors of manual posting and saves time. ERAConnect is an EOB Posting module that will accept the latest HIPAA compliant ANSI X12 835 file from any insurance carrier or clearing house and automatically create the payment, adjustment and deductible records you would create if you were processing the EOB by hand.

      Analyzer Express
Think your getting all your claims filed?

With Analyzer Express Roy All Solutions will recover thousands of your dollars in under payments and missed transactions on your claims. The system extracts from your Practice Management System. Allows you to resend claims and recover thousand of dollars in lost revenue.


View your Medisoft appointments on your iPhone, iPad or Droid. Make appointments on your iPhone. Day or Week viewing. AES 128bit secure access. Know your schedule wherever you are.


Click here for Demo

The ONLY two-sided scanner for insurance cards and drivers licenses that works seamlessly with Medisoft and launches from within the program. It is the most streamlined, intuitive, and cost effective product of its type on the market. It also allows for printing of both sides on one side of a sheet and access by billers for fast access without the need to hunt down patient file.

 Payment processing 

The one source for all your processing needs. Choosing the right merchant account provider is critical for your business long term success. Revolution provides the products, service and experience resulting in greater efficiency, increased profitability, business growth and operational and back office coordination.

Every day, more than 1 million merchants trust our network to efficiently and securely manage their payments business.

  Patient Recall Reminder

Works with Medisoft.
Demandforce is an automated marketing and patient communications solution that helps you grow revenue, retain and engage your existing patients and track results. We integrate directly with Medisoft and turn your customer base into a powerful social network. Features include automated text and email appointment confirmations, recall reminders, unlimited newsletters, reviews pushed to your website, facebook page, and Demandforce profile, online scheduling modules, demand generation, and much more. Reduce no-shows, keep your patients coming back, and attract new ones!

Roy All Solutions recommends GSG Capital for financing computers and software.

  • Preserve bankcredit lines at your bank.

  • Preserve cash for ongoing needs and growth.

  • Quick one page short form application-same day approval.

  • Would you pay employees 5 years of salaries in advance?

  • Why do that with your assets?

  • 100% financing.

  • Fixed rate financing.

  • Minimal upfront money required.


Here is an opportunity for additional income from new and existing patients. Article on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: L & I and PIP Insurance could cover H3 Therapy.  Mild Hyperbaric Therapy (HBT) is a safe and efficient method of delivering oxygen directly to the body's cells. Purchase your own mild hyperbaric soft shell chamber and earn up to $249,000.00 or more per year. Have one patient in the chamber while attending to another patient. Financing is Available.


 Successfully Using Medisoft is a subscription based online training site that allows users of every level to learn to use Medisoft effectively in their billing environment.
Whether you are brand new to Medisoft or have been using it for years, you are sure to learn ways to make Medisoft a more powerful and efficient tool in your office.
Each training video is designed to provide real world applications and to streamline the process of setting up Medisoft and using it on a daily basis.
We hope you find these videos both enjoyable to watch and a valuable addition to your practice.


Code mapping from ICD-9 to ICD-10.  Use promo code ROYALL to receive a discount on your order.


Fixing Failed Claims Demo

Eligibility Demo

Statements Demo

Apex EDI is a leading claims clearinghouse for healthcare professionals. Apex EDI serves thousands of providers nationwide with its Apex OneTouch® solution. The OneTouch® solution is a Web-based electronic claims reimbursement system that increases productivity and profitability while facilitating fast payment of insurance claims and providing additional reporting and analysis.

    for Medisoft
You upload your existing business software's statement file to BillFlash through your internet browser 24x7. You're done in 5 minutes!
We produce your statements at one of our regionally located, state of the art processing centers.
We mail your statements through the US Postal Service by the next business day.
Payers receive timely, high quality statements in their mailboxes.

Capario simplifies the healthcare reimbursement process by helping providers get paid faster, easier and more accurately. We streamline your entire revenue cycle, from patient check-in and electronic claims submission to patient billing and payment posting—all through our easy-to-use portal. And it’s all wrapped up in world-class customer service.

 SCAMP for Medisoft

Scan Clean Accounting Medical Program 

Is your Medisoft accounting giving you mischievous trouble?

Is your patient statement printing out all the zero balances too?

Is it taking you hours to sort through and remove the zero balances before mailing?

Is your secondary claim not firing off because of roguish issues?

You need to run SCAMP to clean up all these and other errors


An affordable patient collection solution that makes running a practice easier.  MD Collect resolves overdue patient balances without stressing patient relations or practice resources. Keeps patients engaged and creates more opportunity for them to resolve their balance.


*Now integrated with Medisoft!


MD Collect for Medisoft by Computer Credit Inc. (CCI)—a trusted leader in healthcare collection services for 40 years and a McKesson partner since 1985. In partnership with McKesson Physician Practice Solutions.


  • Interactive phone calls
  • ePayment options: online/by phone
  • Automated reminder letters
  • A discipline to the collection process

VideoTwo minute video of how MD Collect works


Patient sign in module for Medisoft Office Hours.

Really go paperless with digital sign in that will time and date stamp the patient signature.  Every patient will be asked to verify their information such as address, phone, insurance provider and policy number.  It will also force them to agree to the practice HIPAA and financial policies digitally.

Payment AutoPost

Experts in secure integrated payment processing. Setup a charge card system with Roy All Solutions, Inc. Let X-Charge card Payment Processing unit help you integrate your credit, debit, check and gift card transactions with your computer software or ecommerce application.  X-Charge will post directly to Medisoft. Check with us to see if it will post to your patient accounting software..

Autoremind will call, email or text patients to remind them of their appointment. Works with Medisoft Patient Accounting.  Free up staff time and set program options to alert patients of an appointment. Prints a report stating the outcome of the contacts made. For users with Medisoft 17 free 30 day trial with no credit card auth. to try. Call us to get your auth. to received the 30 day free trial. Click here to view demo.

Click here for Demo

  Compatible with ANY clearinghouse

  Unique ability to post payments from secondary payers

  Define the posting date; check date or user defined

  Billing Service friendly; Conveniently posts payments to all practices from one location

  Archives all posted EOB’s making them available to view after the posting of payments at any time

  Able to process multiple EOB’s from the same insurance company at one time

•  Able to process a single EOB from a multi-EOB ERA file

  Ability to hold or not post one or more payments

  Eliminate multiple steps to scanning and inserting documents, photos and other files into Medisoft with SimpleScan. You can insert multiple images into any patient’s case without having to access Medisoft.

  Auto-Insertion of Images into the Case of any Patient

  Ability to Create a New Case right from SimpleScan and Assign Insurance, Add Policy, Group Information and Assigned Provider

  Insert already saved images or directly from the scanner

  Works with any Twain document scanner or web camera

Click here for demo

A Simple Way to Send Claims

Remember when you could just click a couple of buttons and the claims just went? Imagine being able to view the claims on the screen before sending them to your clearinghouse or getting an immediate response report so you can fix the claims the same day as you sent them.
Now you can do all of this and more. Simple837Pulls true ANSI EDI format straight from Medisoft and connects directly to the clearinghouse to transmit the claim.